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Become a Designer
at STEP Computer Academy!

Why become
a designer?

Designers Are Needed Everywhere

Today, it’s difficult to find an area of human activity that can do without design. Industrial design, graphic design, interior design, web design, game design, advertising design – lost of options available. Whichever direction you choose – you always have a job.

Creative Profession

Designer is one of those occupations where you can demonstrate your creativity, use your experience daily and synthesize something new, implement your ideas, develop design skills and generally improve yourself.

Remote Work Opportunity

Having chosen a designer profession, you can work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule.

Continuous Development

Being a designer means constant self-development. Moreover, it allows communicating with creative people from different countries, exchanging ideas and much more. Having chosen the design, you'll have no time to get bored.

Competitive Salaries

Designers are demanded experts with some of the highest salaries in the world. Their salary depends on the skills, experience and varies from $800 to $4000 per month.

A Real Opportunity To Change The World

No matter what you want from your career – to make a lot of money or change the world - design gives you both options. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who creates a design project that will change our understanding of common things.

What a designer should know and be able to do?

All these and much more you will learn in Computer Academy STEP if you chose "Computer Graphics and Design Department"

Study program

Why students choose
STEP Computer Academy?

Modern and Relevant Curriculum

The curriculum is developed in accordance with the IT market and is regularly updated. There are no unnecessary subjects, only those you need for successful employment.

Unique Training Materials

Our curriculum and syllabi are worked out by the best professionals. We offer electronic study materials and real-life projects to support the training process. The result is profound knowledge our students gain.

Professional Trainers

The Academy employs highly-skilled trainers with the IT industry who share their knowledge with our students. We hold regular seminars and training sessions to refresh and update our trainer's professional and teaching skills.

Modern PC Hardware and Equipment

Our students always have access to modern PCs and all necessary equipment. Every student has a desk equipped with a personal computer. We do our best to provide our students with everything needed for a successful learning process.

100% Practical Training

Our training process is based on completing practical assignments and exercises under the supervision of your trainer. We don’t have boring lectures. The knowledge you gain is reinforced by practical exercises.

Internationally Recognized Diploma

The Academy graduates obtain international diploma after successfully completing the course.

International Certificates

The Academy students have an opportunity to take certification exams free of charge while studying at the Academy.

Convenient Classes Schedule

We offer morning, day and evening classes in the morning, both on weekdays and weekend. Students can easily combine studying at the Academy with their work or other studies.

Lack of Alternatives

Experienced trainers, up-to-date curriculum, technical equipment, international certification, employment assistance – all this and much more distinguishSTEP Computer Academy from other educational institutions.

Employment Assistance

Partnership programs with the IT industry and our reputation enable our students to have job offers as early as after the first year of studies.

Small Study Groups

Our students study in groups that are never too crowded. Thanks to that our trainers can always pay attention to every student’s needs what greatly helps the learning process.

No Corruption

Trainers at the Academy never take bribes. The grades you get will always reflect your real knowledge.

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about STEP Computer Academy

The largest private educational institution (44 branches in 16 countries). Established in 1999.

Graduates of STEP IT Academy are the best IT specialists

We have proprietary techniques valued by professionals worldwide, and up-to-date training materials.

More than 800
trainers with the IT industry experience.

We give practical knowledge
demanded by the IT industry.

The Academy students regularly win IT competitions and championships.

More than 20,000 students and 80 000 graduates successfully working in world-known IT companies.

The Academy graduates work in 36 countries around the world. Many of them are founders of their own successful companies and start-ups.

Common mistakes
when choosing
an educational institution:

Pursuit of Low Prices

The desire to save money will impact the quality of training. Low prices mean unexperienced trainers that would work for lower salaries. Low prices also mean bigger groups and worse technical equipment. Entrusting your education to a dubious organization is never a smart decision.

Choosing a Training Program, Not Matching Your Goals

Before you start a training, it is important to define the goal of your studies. Professional advice is helpful in this case. Setting the wrong goal often leads to a wrong choice of a training form. When you realize your mistake – your time and money will have been lost already.

Short-term Course Training

If your goal is to learn programming from scratch, short term few months courses will not give you a sufficient knowledge base. In order to understand the essence of programming algorithms, to be able to develop right solutions and design successful software projects, it is important to restructure your way of thinking and acquire strong practical skills. The experience of our trainers suggests that the optimal period for quality education is 2.5 years and more. In this case you can be sure of the result.

Pursuit of University Degree

The days when university degree was a decisive factor for hiring have passed. Now it's the employers themselves who assess the knowledge and skills of the applicants. This is especially true in IT industry, where practical knowledge of programming languages and experience with new technologies are crucial.


Self-education is a great thing, if you possess iron will and a have lot of time for searching through literature, video tutorials and audio books. But it cannot replace live conversation with an experienced trainer. It is much more convenient and faster to learn, if you have an opportunity to consult with a specialist who can show you the right path, point at your mistakes and inaccuracies.

Learning with a Tutor

Tutoring is an alternative to self-education. In this case, a tutor controls the learning process and it can advance faster. However, the tutoring loses a lot to group lessons with a trainer, who has industry experience and trains according to a curriculum tailored for the industry requirements. A good tutor can certainly master one or maybe even several technologies, but a team of professionals is needed to train according to a well-rounded curriculum. Moreover, lessons with a tutor do not give you any international certificates or diploma.

Desire for Quick and Easy Results

Whichever option you choose – the result depends on you. The task of an educational institution is to lead a student to his/her goal by the most effective and shortest path of learning. Our 15 years experience in education has proven that it is not possible to become a programmer from scratch in 2-3 months. Those who promise it – lie to their customers. Our training programs have received appraisal from professionals all around the world and it is designed for 2.5 years. This is the optimal period to obtain high quality basic education and confidence necessary to start a successful career.

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Companies, where STEP graduates
are employed

Alumni and Employers

Game Designer at Innovation Group

Stady at STEP Academy has exceeded my expectations. Such teachers as Elena Shishkovets or Kirill Loboda managed to explain very complicated things in very simple words, instilled love to the speciality, they were teaching, and taught us to make a complete product rather than just a training project.

full-time study
Freelance Designer

I liked the teaching method used at the Academy – there were no unnecessary subjects. I studied at an Italian university and can tell that teaching at STEP Academy corresponds with European Standards. I cooperate with foreign customers and my works are absolutely competitive, at the same level as those of designers from other European countries.

Motion-designer at Zrimo

If you ask me what STEP Computer Academy has given to me, I will answer: firstly, a specialty I like, secondly, possibilitty to have a good income; a lot of new friends; moreover, I've never thought that students and teachers can work as a team of associates what gives a great result.

2D-animator, special effects specialist, head of animators at a game studio

A big plus studying at STEP Academy is that the program is full of practice, you constantly gain priceless experience needed in the market. STEP Computer Academy is a reliable educational institution with wonderful teaching staff and tailored training materials, in one word, efficiency is 100%.

How do we

You contact us through our website or just come to visit the Academy office and meet our manager.

We discuss your goals and pick up a program and schedule for your trainings.

After signing an agreement and covering tuition fee, we reserve a place for you and you get to your trainings as soon as the classes start.

Upon graduation you will receive STEP Computer Academy diploma and international certificates validating your knowledge.

The Academy HR service is ready to assist you in finding a relevant employment in the field of your studies.

We are commited to ensuring that you get the most effective and useful training, providing you with the necessary knowledge in the chosen field of studies.

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