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Success mindset and career scale-up for your IT career

21 march
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2018/03/21 12:30:00


Whether you start your own business or join an IT company you will need:

  • Excellent self – management skills
  • Career development strategy and plan
  • Growth mindset so that you improve your skills 5 times faster than people in your position
  • Communication skills that help you scale up your career

Companies like Facebook, Google. Amazon, Netflix all agree – they need employees who are problem solvers, who embrace failures and make the best out of it, who are proactive and need little or no guidance to produce outstanding work.

Career revolution – career orientation and development program – comes to you in its special edition for IT professionals.

This IT – tailored training helps you:

  • Create individual career development strategy and execution plan (both as an employee or as a business owner) which is aligned with your boldest ambitions
  • Develop the most wanted skills nowadays – personal development, proactiveness, creative problem solving and effective communication
  • Develop unfuckwitable mindset and disarm negativity at the workplace

After the training:

  • you know how to react to any “failure”, difficulty and challenge and make the best out of it
  • you know how to be proactive and stand out in your company
  • you have the skills to innovate, to be creative and see opportunities where others see problems
  • set and achieve goals with ease
  • deal with uncertainty and manage well even if you don’t have all or any of the information you need

Our team of professional coaches and career development consultants light up the way for you to achieve wild goals and big dreams based on the 4 key scientific concepts for Growth mindset of Carol Dweck, Extreme ownership – the science that helps U.S. Navy Seals lead and win, the 4 Disciplines of Execution – the number one strategy of ALL business to achieve any goal, the Rockefeller habits – the most expensive and rewarded training for executing wild goals of Gazelle coaches.

  1. Growth mindset – this is the mindset of people who always improve things, who restlessly see possibilities, who become better with every project and who stand out. We teach you to develop your growth mindset, unleash hidden potential and enjoy professional achievements
  2. Extreme ownership –  your boss frustrates you? Suppliers and clients are hard to bear? You can train yourself to be immune to stress and make the best out of any situation. It is how big of a game changer you are. We teach you how to own every problem. When your boss is being an asshole, instead of making excuses, you take the lead and help him help you and the rest of the team. Nobody else would do that and that is your golden key to career growth.
  3. Effective communication for IT – we teach you how to sell yourself, communicate with charisma, listen actively and become an excellent communicator – proven and effective
  4. The discipline of execution – 80% of what we do is urgent. We teach you how to set goals for your career, in your work, prioritize and still get them done with all the madness around you. We help you have a life vision, a work – life harmony and make sure you are not dragged by the craziness of the organization – you set and achieve goals that matter.

Because your career matters.


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