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10 reasons to become a network engineer/ system administrator

20 Октомври
ул. Алабин №58

Until the event:

2015/10/20 19:00:00

Information technology is the only sphere where the free positions are more than the qualified specialists. The demand for qualified network engineers and system administrators grows with every passing year. 
The main task of the system administrators and network engineers is maintenance of the infrastructure, improvement, modernization and safety. 
Depending on the the size of the company, а minute of suspension of the work of the infrastructure might cause losses for thousands and even millions of euros. Undoubtedly the job involves taking plenty of responsibility but it is also very interesting and challenging for people with keen interest in computers and hardware. 

During the event you will learn the 10 main reasons why it is worth becoming a system administrator/ network engineer. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages and most importantly- you will have the chance of drawing on the experience of real specialists in the field. 

We will be expecting you on 20th October at 7pm at IT STEP academy on 55 Alexander Stamboliyski blvd, floor 5. 

Ще Ви очакваме на 20 октомври (вторник) от 19:00 ч. в компютърна академия IT STEP на адрес: бул. Александър Стамболийски 55, ет.5


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