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First steps in design or how to become a successful designer?

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Perhaps many of you ask yourselves the questions: Is it worth it becoming a designer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the designer’s job? And perhaps many other such questions. First and foremost it is vital to note that nowadays there is hardly a field of work and human activity where one can do without design. 
There are many different types of design- graphic design, interior design, web design, game design and others. The possibilities are indeed countless. 

As a designer you have the advantage to: be able to work from any point of the world, work freelance or for a company, always improve, to communicate with other people, working in the creative industries and regardless of how idealistic it might sound- to change the world. 

Not least, it is crucial to mention that designers are among the most sought for specialists and receive very good pay for their work. It all depends on the level of expertise and qualifications of course. 

In the current event ‘First steps in design or how to become a successful designer?’ we will introduce you to what a designer should know and be able to do and what actions can you take to become a successful designer. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk to professional designers who will share their personal experience, what obstacles they met on the way and how they overcame them.

Please welcome on 13th October at 7pm at IT STEP computer academy. The address is:

Floor 5, 55 Aleksander Stamboliyski blvd, Sofia 
We’ll be expecting you. 
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