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I want to become a programmer…so now what?

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In the last years software developers are among the most sought after specialists in Bulgaria and in the world in general. The average salary of a programmer in our country reaches 4000lv and it depends on the experience and qualifications of the particular person. The IT sector in Bulgaria in the moment is ranking in the top places according the service export. According to information from certified sources, by 2016 the demand for IT specialists in Europe is supposed to reach 1 million people. 
In Bulgaria many of the young people graduating technical specialities do not feel satisfied with the knowledge they received in university. Among the key problems in the higher education in Bulgaria is that it does not provide students with the necessary amount of practical activities. Without practical preparation the students often decide the prequalify and try realization in other fields.
At the same time the companies working in the IT sphere provide excellent working conditions and solid renumeration  and for that reason the IT is a desired realm of realization for many people. Despite that, the majority of people don’t know what steps to take in order to become programmers, where to study, what people to communicate to and so on. 
In the current event we will give you ideas and advice on how to develop yourselves into successful software developers. The event is aimed at people with no or almost no practical experience in the sphere of information technology. Experienced specialists from the IT realm will share with you their personal experience and provide you with invaluable advice. Our main goal is that the event is carried out in the form of active discussion and everyone has the chance to get the answers he is looking for with regard to becoming a software developer. 
We will be expecting you on 6th October at 7pm at our office on 55 Alexander Stamboliyski boulevard, floor 5


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