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Augmented reality technologies

Augmented reality

‘Augmented reality’ is a set of technologies that make the real world and various virtual content merge on the screen of your desktop, mobile phone or other device merges. In that way this concept effectively unifies the real and the computer-generated worlds and allows adding a lot of information to physical objects. These technologies have existed for decades in different forms- for instance the virtual lines showing the offside situation in football games or the virtual line at the athletics races.
The real boom of the ‘augmented reality’ technologies, though, is linked to the entrance of smart-phones and tablets in our daily life.

The presenter for the event will be Atanas Atanasov. He is just 20 but already has a few mobile applications behind his back as well as many other projects. For the last 6 years he has been dealing primarily with mobile software and design and has been helping students in the development of their projects. Atanas has been participating in information technologies competitions for the last 5 years and winning multiple national and international awards. He is a co-founder of AriM- a starting company dealing with development of augmented reality projects for various businesses.

During the first edition of the youth-career forum ‘I, the engineer’ in the beginning of 2014, Atanas presented his project- an electronic tablet for visually impaired people. This is the first of its kind autonomous electronic device, designed to aid people with damaged eyesight or complete blindness.
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