Sofia, Alabin 58

How can we impact climate change through CO2 emissions offsetting mechanisms?

15 February
ул. Алабин №58

Until the event:

2016/02/15 18:30:00

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In the forthcoming event representatives of CO2 CARDS – a fresh startup for carbon emissions and green CSR will introduce you to the topic “How can we impact climate change through CO2 emissions offsetting mechanisms?”
We will discuss:
How can we prevent climate change and what is the role of carbon emissions markets?
What is CO2 emissions offsetting and how anyone can make an impact?
CO2 Cards – a climate change platform that provides emissions offsetting to online travel agencies,delivery services and smart home energy apps will talk about their mission and goals.
Target audience:
1/ young people/graduates who are passionate/interested in climate change or social causes. We look for web/tech guys, marketing and sales, social media marketers who are looking to start/continue their career in a greentech company.
2/ Travel agencies and transportation services (taxi apps, air travel, delivery services)
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