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How to shoot a film with a mobile phone?

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We all know that professional film-making equipment is rather complicated and pricey and not everyone with passion for cinema can afford it. Nowadays mobile phones allow you to shoot a film despite the lack of financial resources and despite the lack of access to professional film-making equipment. The latest mobile phones have a good-quality in-built camera which allows us to shoot quality footage. More and more short films created with smart phones captivate the imagination of people around the world.

This masterclass is designed to give you some guidance in how to shoot a film with your mobile phone. You will receive answers to the following questions:

  • What mobile phone we need to have in order to shoot a film?

  • What other technical tools we would need?

  • Light, composition, angles, framing and many other essential characteristics of the cinematic image.

The lecturer for this master class will be Dimitar Kutmanov. Born in 1988 in Plovdiv, Dimitar graduates BA Film Studies at ‘Anglia Ruskin University’ with graduation film ‘Taste of Water’ (2012) which is the highest-marked project in the history of the course. The film gets shown in few international festivals.
In 2014 Dimitar completed a Masters course at Screen Academy Scotland, where he wrote and directed a series of short films. His graduation work -‘ECCE HOMO” (2014) premiered at 19th Sofia International Film Festival 2015 and has been selected at many international film festivals including a prestigious award from 32nd Busan ISFF 2015.
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