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How to start a career in the IT industry?

15 September
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2015/09/15 19:00:00

According to official statistics the IT sector in Bulgaria generates around 6% of the country’s GDP. More than 50% of the Bulgarian IT industry is the expert-oriented. The software business is the biggest technological employer in the last few years in the amount of renumeration, overtopping even the telecom sector and the call sector. 
Despite that we often hear about the shortage of employees in the IT industry. Many of the young people that have recently obtained a technical degree do not feel satisfied with the knowledge they have received at university. One of the key problems of Bulgarian education is the fact that it does not give students enough practical preparation. Devoid of practical preparation many students decide to retrain and turn to different spheres of professional realization.

In this event we’ll discuss how you can start a career in the IT industry- why the IT industry, what actions to take to enter this industry, what skills you need to master and many other relevant topics.

You will get feedback straight from the source. The lecturers will be IT professionals who will gladly answer your questions and give you valuable advise. For the time being their names remain a secret. More information about them soon. 
We will be expecting you on 15.09 at 7pm on 55 Stamboliyski blvd. 


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