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Master Class: Presentation Skills

5 Октомври
ул. Алабин №58

Until the event:

2015/10/05 19:00:00

You want to become a great presenter? To captivate the audience the moment you step in front of it? To build up your confidence so that you do not show your anxiety when presenting, no matter whether you’re in front of your colleagues in the office or in front of a large audience?
Presenting can be classified as a form of art and as such requires a lot of trainings and exercises.
No matter what your age and profession are, having good presentation skills will always help you be more successful and be able to sell your idea more efficiently.
During the event we will discuss the following:

How to prepare for presentations?

How to overcome the stage fever? 

What are the subtle details which you should master in order to become brilliant presenters?

The event will be in English.
Lecturer for this event will be Andrey Nikolov, who is a Ukrainian business trainer with substantial international experience. He has worked for various companies and has lead trainings in various subjects such as:
Soft Skills, Communication, Presentation Skills, Business Processes and many others. He is a co-founder of the Kiev international trainings festival. He is also the CEO of IT STEP computer academy in Bulgaria. 



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