Sofia, Alabin 58

The art of negotiation

17 септември
ул. Алабин №58

Until the event:

2015/09/17 19:00:00

Negotiation is often seen as a form art. To be successful in the negotiations with our business partners for example we need to have good intuition but we also need solid practical experience. Indeed if you do not have the chance to practice in real-life situations mastering the art of negotiation ends up being quite difficult. At the current event you will learn more about the essence of negotiating and how to prepare yourself for leading successful negotiations and what approach to use. You will learn what the main tactics, what the most common mistakes happen to be, how to proceed with negotiations after finalizing a sale and much more.

Andrei Nikolov will be the presenter and host of the event. Andrei is originally from Ukraine and has rich international experience as a business trainer in various companies. His competences range from soft-skills, leadership, communications, business processes and many others. He is a co-founder of the Kiev international training festival. Andrei is also the director of IT STEP Academy in Bulgaria. 


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