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To eat your emotions

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2015/10/07 19:00:00

Let’s be straightforward- when we feel crap we eat. We eat fat, sweat and unhealthy.
We don’t do it because we are unfortunate, weak-willed creatures or because we do not know how to deal with our problems. We eat because we are people and as such we have innate weaknesses and nature has thought us that when we are endangered we should stock up. 
And let’s be honest- we feel ashamed when we cannot control our weight. That’s because nowadays we have to be everything- to work as much as possible, to be fashionable, to look good, to follow the latest healthy life trends…everything! With so many demands who wouldn’t start feeling like having a chocolate?!
Is there a way out? Can we really balance our emotions and our eating habits and how? Do we need to be happy to be slim or we will be slim when we become happy?
Wellness coach Nadya Svetoslavova will give you practical advice on the topic and will answer your questions on 7th October at 19:00 at IT STEP academy (55 Alexander Stamboliyski blvd. floor 5). 
Nadya Svetoslavova has been developing her practice since 2012. She works with individual clients and carries out trainings on topics related to eating habits, sport activity, handling stress and giving up smoking. 
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