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Learning Python with Minecraft

We will teach your child to create various paintings, sculptures and architectural structures in Minecraft in a comfortable online format

Online classes

For children 12+ years old

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How are the classes held? Creativity and lots of practice.

Our credo is: “Only fun lessons and game techniques that will help the child to achieve success in a new hobby and reveal all creative potential.”
The Minecraft course created by IT Step Academy is a great chance for your child to spend their free time in a interesting and useful way and to create paintings, sculptures and architectural structures with their own hands in Minecraft and to program in Python.
Now your child will not sit in a gadget just for fun, but will bring to life their own creative projects: work in different art fields, learn to program in diverse ways, develop logical and spatial thinking.
The course will help the child to “dive headfirst” into a new exciting hobby, and maybe even to get inspired by it as the first step to a future career.


months of exciting practical classes


lessons with interesting homework tasks


new acquired skills

The course will suit you if your child :

Is interested in art
We will teach the child how to work with different directions of art and to create their own architectural structures, paintings and sculptures in Minecraft – from a scratch to the final product.
Likes computer games
With us, the child will learn to program entire computer worlds and Minecraft objects with their own hands in diverse ways.
Likes to fantasize
During the course, the child will develop logical and spatial thinking and boost their imagination, bringing it into practice.
Interested in computers
The Minecraft course is a great chance for a child who likes to spend time at the computer to get better acquainted with the possibilities of modern digital programs for creating content, to learn Python programming and maybe even choose this direction for the future career.
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During the course the child will learn:

the main interface and principles of interaction with objects in Minecraft

directions of drawing and creating pictures in them

directions of sculpture and creation of sculptures in them

directions of architecture and creation of buildings in them

basic logical constructions and programming operators

binary logic and numbers

programming with red sand

programming using blocks

Python programming

Course program:

Learn more about the complete program of the «Minecraft» course.

Drawing in Minecraft

Pixel art

Creating a picture by numbers and drawing it

Sculpture in Minecraft

Creation of sculptures

Architecture in Minecraft

Creation of buildings in different architectural styles

Programming with the help of red sand

Binary numbers and their conversion to decimal

Arithmetic operators

Logical operators

Conditional constructions

Block programming

Creation of automatic mechanisms

Python programming

Introduction to Python

Learning basic syntax

Introduction to functional programming

Introduction to OOP

Just imagine: in six months your child will be able to create a variety of paintings, sculptures and architectural structures and program Minecraft worlds and objects in many different ways!

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Why choose us?
IT STEP Computer Academy has been operating since 1999, since the birth of the IT sphere itself! Even then, we graduated the first programmers, web designers and top IT specialists.

Why choose us?

IT STEP Computer Academy began its activity in 1999, when the IT industry just started its development and gained popularity. Even then we trained the first programmers, web designers and other IT specialists. Today, we educate students on the skills that employers and modern business need - without "dry theory", only practice and necessary information. Employers do not need your knowledge - they need your competence in solving work problems and setting up business processes.











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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to download and install computer programs for teaching a child and where to find them?

At the beginning of classes, we will send you a link with all the necessary platforms and programs, for the child to be ready for learning. All programs are free, some do not even need to be downloaded, but work online.

What software is used in the course?

Your child will learn to work in programs from the Adobe suite: Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate. And also children will use the Stop Motion Studio mobile application for filming.

Are there any discounts for IT Step Academy students?

Yes. Discounts are available for students of the Academy! Call our manager for details.

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