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Forms of learning

Professional Education

Our Professional Education is very different from the conventional computer courses. In just 2.5 years of study, students receive a solid theoretical basis and get strong practical skills in the various fields of the chosen specialty, allocating an important place for independent work with the professional tools. Students become computer experts and can immediately get straight to work earning money and making their career.

Junior Computer Academy

STEP Junior IT Academy is computer education for children from 10 to 15 years old to introduce them to the exciting world of computers and get the most of value from time spent in front of the screen. At STEP Junior IT Academy children get both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Our practicing tutors will show how to develop sites, design and develop robots, create own games, animate characters, securely work with search systems and master photo and video shooting. We will help your child to make an early successful start in IT area to advance later to a future profession. Computers will no longer be just a toy for a child, but a tool for creation of own projects and maybe one day reach the level of the world famous businesses.

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Upcoming Events


Success mindset and career scale-up for your IT career

5 Mar. 2018 г

  Whether you start your own business or join an IT company you will need: Excellent self – management skills Career development strategy and plan Growth mindset so that you ...

SVOD Europe conference 2016

25 Nov. 2015 г

On January 27-28, 2016 in Dublin there will be conducted the SVOD Europe conference in partnership with Google European Headquarters for those who are interested in the latest innovations, who ...

Set on a professional computer education

25 Apr. 2015 г

Has launched a new spring set for hospital and polustatsionar in three specialties:


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